Dr. Brian P. Simon

Principal Broker & Entrepreneur

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Dr. Brian P. Simon, a West Virginia country boy, turned preacher, turned real estate businessperson is a self-made, highly successful, yet humble entrepreneur who credits his accomplishments to being surrounded by like-minded, driven people. Dr. Simon, a Fairmont College and Regent University alumnus, is an entrepreneur with several businesses, including Fit Realty, SimonTowne Mortgage, Custom Homes of Virginia, Lead Ignite, and Simon Studios. Besides being an expert for the many businesses he owns, Dr. Simon possesses many other strengths. He has greater than 15 years’ experience in internet marketing strategies. He is also a phenomenal public speaker and motivational coach. Dr. Simon hopes that his legacy will one day be that he remained resilient regardless of continued professional challenges.

Although an entrepreneurial spirit by nature, Dr. Simon prides himself on knowing that life is short and says time with his family is truly his greatest passion. In that light, he enjoys fishing with his son, gatherings with friends, shooting guns, and lockdown Netflix binges with his wife! He has an adventurous attitude and says there are not many foods or drinks he would not try. He is also notorious for shenanigans, including the one time he installed a toilet upside down and another time when he almost burnt a house down by pouring gasoline into a beehive that had dug its way all the way down to the house.

One of the greatest pieces of advice Dr. Simon has to offer anyone would be to continue to challenge yourself with personal and professional growth by asking hard questions. He says that in ten years from now he will be asking himself the same question he always asks himself, which is, “What is the most valuable use of my next six months to have the greatest impact on the success of my companies?”